1. canadianslut:

    people with the same name as me are cute but they need to remember who is in charge

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  2. neutralnewt:


    how to be cool

    A) cool sunglasses emoji

    is that a god damn pun. in emoticon format

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  3. in what fucking situation do you ever need this picture for




    i will piss on your sofa

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  4. davidbyrne:

    The Beatles owe soooooo much to teenage girls for their success like i’m pretty sure it was teenage girls who were screaming and fainting at shows and buying all those records and not old ponytailed dudes or moody teen boys with bad hair? and somehow everyone forgets that when they’re yelling about “real music” and putting down teen girls for the performers they get excited about. like whatever. I see you.

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  5. mainheaux:

    I remember I was playing spin the bottle with a group of “friends” in the ninth grade and it was my turn and they said when it landed on the boy I spun it to that I had to either lick his ear or suck his dick and like I HATE ears so I got on my knees and they were like WE’RE JUST JOKING and I was like hahha ME TOO but I was truly bout to suck his dick hord

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  6. stability:

    My mom thought we would need a hammer to get this pole into the ground but I just pushed it in and I almost said “psh, hammer my asshole” but then I realized

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  7. bigrnac:

    lets play “how rude can i be until u realize i dont like u”

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  8. common0courtesy:

    I get what i want

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  9. dalislikes:

    fuck all ya’ll iphones and shit i want this 

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  11. virginitity:



    was kanye even moving

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  14. cooldudebro:

    girl: ur lying, no way is it that big. show me then.

    me: image

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  15. cyberfricking:


    This makes me so uncomfortable

    can we talk about whatever the paper above that one is…

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